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Our mission

The mission of the Puds&Co. SMM Academy is to educate, encourage, and equip individuals and independent small businesses with the knowledge and actionable tips/strategies they need to navigate the social media marketing world.

01. Monthly digital classes

our membership includes a live digital class every month hosted by experienced marketers

02. weekly live sessions

as a community we’ll catch up on what’s going on with your business, Q&A and what’s new in social media.

03. exclusive members only content

gain access to our members only Instagram page, guides, blogs, and ebooks.

04. Social media audit

when you sign up to the academy you will get an audit of your social media channels within 7 days.

05. 1:1 consulting / peer feedback

access up to 1 hour of consulting a month with unlimited peer feedback via the community feed.

you should join if:

1. You’re an individual, side hustler or small business owner.
2. you’re looking to gain knowledge and resources to take your social media marketing  to the next level.
3. You’re ready to learn how to grow, connect, and convert your audience. 
4.You have questions and want to learn from those who have done it before.


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